Who is Elmo?

Hi. My name is Elmo Serrano, CEO of Elmo's Fitness and Boxing and I am originally from Brooklyn, New York.  I have a special interest in working directly with people, and want to cater to each individual as much as possible.

For the past few years now, I have been working as an independent professional trainer. I enjoy every minute of it and the freedom of being my own boss. I can already look back to many happy hours during which I was able to help my clients reach the goals they had set for themselves.


I offer a variety of training techniques. I am experienced in teaching competitive boxing from amateur to pro as well as offer personal fitness training that gears towards strength, conditioning and weight loss.  I am a NYS certified USA Boxing Amateur & Licensed Professional Trainer and am in the process of obtaining my CPT certification. I work with men & women of all ages, and I am dedicated to assist you in being a better you by helping you reach your fitness goals. I have trained Isiah Serrano (NYC Metro Champ), Effi Llera (NYC Metro Champ), Deferson LeGrand (Professional Boxer, Virginia Golden Glove Champ) and Harley Mederos (Junior Olympic Champ) just to name a few. 


Please take the time to look through my services to get a brief description of how I can help you reach your fitness needs.