Getting Counsel and Advice From A Nutrition Expert

My name is Chrissy Eisenzapf I am certified in sports Nutrition, Fitness and Nutrition certified Boxing Coach and a Nutritional Advisor with over 11 years experience in nutritional supplements.  I personally lost 140lbs through diet, excercise and the help of my coach.  I have also helped my assistant lose 100lbs and my own sister lose 115lbs!  I can help you do the same!


Weight loss is 80% diet, eating is something we have to do everyday so let's "Get It Right".  Whether you need a little guidance to show you the right way of eating or someone to be there to hold your hand, teach you to read labels, grocery shop and most of all give you the guidance, support and encouragement while you begin your life long change.  It's time you live the life you always dreamed of to be happy, healthy and confident in your new body.  I will work with you to make customized daily meal plan with your favorite healthy foods, diet requirements and a realistic plan that will fit your busy lifestyle.


Any athlete looking for a competitive edge, needing to make weight, whatever your sport I can help you put together a diet to help you gain muscle, lose weight and increase endurance.  I can also put together a sipplemental program with high quality nutritional supplemets even offering you a free membership to Vitamin World and a 10% discount on top of member pricing and personally bring your vitamins to you!


Boxing is one of the best workouts around and it will get you into amazing shape!  I am living proof that you can totally change your body through boxing.  It helped me get to a Womens size 24 to a 00 petite!!  I have amazing muscle tone, endurance and energy to get me through my long crazy days that coming from a girl that couldn't even walk a mile!  Best of all you don't have to fight or get hit if you don't want to but you can train like a fighter and look like a fighter.  Together with my personal coach Elmo  Serrano we will put together a program made just for you and help you achieve your goals and dreams.  So come to Gleason's a world famous boxing gym if you are looking for the complete package that includes nutrition and fitness expertise and join me and my coach the "Get It Right Team".


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