Before and After Photo's

You Can't Argue With Results

Chrissy - 265lbs. before                                 Chrissy - 130lbs. after

My Journey

There comes a time when you see yourself for the first time.  My time came while sitting in my best friends car.  She tossed a picture my way.  I picked it up and laughed at the fat girl in the picture saying "who is this?" The answer shocked me... "that's you Chrissy".  In total disbelief I asked to keep it.  Walking home that night I cried.  As tears ran down my face I had no choice but to face the facts.  That's me 4'10", weighing 265 lbs and a size 24!  From that moment on I promised myself this, I will change.  No more excuses.  I will put myself first.  Being a single mom at age 19, working full time letting stress wear me down and eating whatever I wanted, I had some valid excuses BUT NO MORE!!


Come join our "Get It Right Team!"


  • We will provide you with every tool you need to succeed!
  • We will give you the encouragement, guidance ad most of all, the support of someone who knows how you feel and what you are going through.
  • Together we will make a workout plan customized for you. 


  • Provide you with a nutrition plan based around your favorite healthy foods.

What Others Say About Elmo

“I have tried so many times and so many ways to lose weight, but had not been very successful. From our very first session, I have felt I was in good hands with Elmo. For the first time, I felt as if my trainer saw me as a complete person instead of just focusing on my physical shape and abilities."
--K. Gore, age 30

“Elmo helped me train for my first marathon and I could not have wished for a better trainer. I could never have gotten into this shape and would never have achieved this kind of endurance with my own limited know-how about the abilities of my own body.“
--Nathan G., age 27

“Since I cannot motivate myself, I have now been training once a week with Elmo for the past two years. Now, I cannot even imagine going through a week without a training session. Thank you, Elmo, for continuing to motivate me!“
--I. Wilde, age 42